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The LordS of Darkness are back! Worship Us and We will let you live!

Thank you for supporting Slim Chance's Chamber of Horrors over the previous several years. After many attempts to off the crazy, old coot, it is with great joy in Our hearts that We are finally able to inform you that Slim is dead. Dead and buried...for now.
This season, to celebrate his demise, Chamber of Horrors proudly presents Trilogy of Fear - 3 Interactive Horror Attractions...for the price of 1. Come visit Us at Our new Hauppauge location...if you dare. There you can run the gauntlet of terror as you explore Miss Fortune's Maniac Manor...navigate the Maze of Mayhem and finally brave the terrifying gloom of the Chamber of Horrors Itself. You will be immersed in a nightmare world of absolute chaos that will leave you begging for mercy.

There are many haunted houses on Long Island but there is NOTHING like my Chamber of Horrors.

I'll be waiting.

Miss Fortune

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