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Posts By: MissFortune

Don’t Fall Asleep!

Before science and technology, people would try to explain things the best that they could. Quite often, those explanations involve the supernatural. The folklore of practically every culture came about in this way. They amazing part of folklore, is that regardless of where in the world the lore originate, the stories are very similar to… Read more »

What Makes A Movie Scary?

  Horror movies play to our fears and phobias. So often, the horror genre is dismissed as something juvenile not to be considered by serious movie-goers. The truth is that horror movies, perhaps more so than most other genres of movies, requires getting into the heads of the audience. You can put gore and scary… Read more »

Clowns in Modern Horror

Clowns are a standard in the our pop culture and they are loved by all. From a young age, clowns have always been there to entertain us on television and help to sell us Happy Meals. Clowns are a staple of a child’s birthday party with the crazy colored hair, the big feet, bright clothes,… Read more »

Vampires: Immortal Pop Culture Icons

  No matter what Twilight says, vampires are some of the scariest creatures to grace pop culture and color our imaginations. Vampirism as an idea has existed for hundreds of years and dates back to the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, and Romans. However, the vampires we know today come from a far more recent source:… Read more »

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