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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The Trilogy of Fear is 3 haunts? Does one price get us into all of them? Do we have to stand in line for each? My Mom said to ask.

A. The Trilogy is 3 separately themed haunts inside 1 building. One price gets you into each. There are no separate lines although each has a distinct beginning and there is a brief pause as you flow from one to another. And yes The Chamber is an entirely indoor haunt, you can frolic in the woods some other time, so…

Q. Do you close if the weather is bad…you know…rain, snow…a shower of toads?
A. WE ARE AN INDOOR HAUNT AND HAVE AN INSIDE WAITING AREA … so barring Armageddon …we are open as scheduled!! Nothing stops Us. We are eternal.

Q. What is Chamber of Horrors NY?
A. The Chamber is Long Island’s Premier Haunted Attraction. A dark collection of mazes and rooms, it combines lights and sound with a cast unequaled in imagination and talent, not to mention bloodlust. Owned, built and staffed by industry veterans, we can proudly say that we are “Where fear lives…”

Q. How scary is it?
A. We wait eleven months of the year for this…what do you think?

Q. Where is Chamber of Horrors NY? How do I get there?
A. Please refer to our Location/Directions Page.

 Q. Where do I park?
A. There is an onsite parking lot as well as one conveniently next door, which we are told is paved directly over an old cemetery. Look for signs as you journey down Express Dr. North.

Q. How much does it cost and how do I buy tickets?
A. We have several ticket options, outlined in the sidebar on the right of each page or click ‘Tickets” on the main navigation bar.

Q. Do you accept credit cards at the box office?
A. Credit Card purchases will only be possible through the internet.

Q. I have a large group of people coming, can I get a better price?
A. You line ’em up, we cut ’em down. Group sales inquiries may be directed to (855) 227-6384 or

Q : How do I avoid waiting on a long line?
A: An RIP Pass will place you on a shorter faster moving line and let you bypass the crowds.

Q. When is the best time to visit?
A. The Chamber gets busier as Halloween Season progresses and on any given night, the earlier you can come, the better.

Q. What time does the haunted house open?
A. Nightmares begin at 7:30pm on Friday/Select weekdays and at 7:00pm on Saturday/Sunday. Lines usually start to form earlier, especially later in the season.

Q. Is this for little kids?
A.This attraction was not designed for very small children. It’s up to parents to decide if their kids are mature enough for The Chamber. If their age is in single digits and you hope for more, give this careful consideration.

Q. Will there be Family Days or special events?
A. This season we will be offering Trilogy of Fear , Kill the Light and Final Night

Q. How many people can go through the house at once?
A.While several groups traverse the house independently at one time, we recommend individual groups be limited to six victims or less. For your added enjoyment, and Ours, we suggest sending any particularly nervous, clingy or obviously terrified visitors in first or…alone.

Q. Can I bring a flashlight? Can I bring a Phone? Can I bring my Mamma?
A. Why spoil the fun? No flashlights,no cameras,no video and all cellphones are to be turned off upon entry.
Mamma is welcome of course,since you will be crying for her soon enough, we might as well have her close by.

Q. Will I get touched by any of the characters?
A. No actors will touch you in The Chamber and we must insist that you do not touch any actors or props. Unauthorized touching will result in your ejection and…keep reading…here it comes….

Q. Do you give refunds?
A. There are no refunds given under any circumstances.

 Q. What happens if I am so freaked that I just have to get out?
A. Any actor or security personnel can escort a patron in…distress, out via any one of several emergency exits. We are not responsible for friends or family mocking you on the drive home and you will not be issued a refund.

Q. Are there any health concerns I should know about?
A. If you are pregnant, prone to seizures, heart problems or other serious health issues please be forewarned. We use lights,strobes and music to create a sensory mix that has been known to overwhelm and The Chamber may not be for you.

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